Romantic gifts - how and what to..

If we are going to talk about romantic gift ideas for that special woman in your life, we need to agree that there are many different perceptions of romance. Some would say that walking on a Caribbean beach during sunrise is one idea, while another may maintain that a horse-driven carriage ride at midnight in the heart of the city is more idyllic. For the purposes of picking out that unique gift for her, knowing what she sees as romantic is critical.

Sam had the problem of getting his long time girlfriend something to celebrate their anniversary. He knew that Donna remembered things like this, while he always had to consult his calendar. Picking out gifts was not a natural talent for him. What he did know was that this was not something he could let her down on. Their relationship was great, and disappointing her was not something that entered into the picture.

Going over the list of possibilities, one problem is they really had not travelled much because of their demanding jobs. A weekend vacation was possible, but if it was to be a surprise he had to make sure she wasn’t working that weekend. That was next to impossible. Sometimes great ideas just don’t fit into the lives of ordinary people.

Next possibility was a romantic dinner, but dinner was something they did regularly because who had time to cook? The flowers and jewelry routine was too retro, though she did like to get flowers regularly. But he was looking for something unique – a once in a lifetime memory, something like The Eternity Rose

The problem, as it often is for people with busy lifestyles, is time. Living near a major city with miles of every kind of store presented possibilities, but how would he find the time? Even if he made the time there was no guarantee that an answer would be found. Online shopping was not much better because he would face the same dilemma – many people selling their idea of romance.

Being Unique

Sam’s problem is very much like many guys who, because the ideal romantic gift will depend on your idea of romance, the gift also needs to be unique. One of the challenges in buying the right gift is stopping to consider her view of your relationship and what you agree on. Asking a gal to the prom, what are known today as promposals, often are attempts to create a unique invitation. The same idea applies to the romantic gift for her.

Sam’s Solution

After Sam thought long and hard about the problem, he decided to go through his photo gallery of their first date. He recalled the window shopping – oh how he hated that – and the 100 places she thought about going for dinner. Waiting for her to make up her mind was like trying to herd cats. Then he came across a pic of her standing in front of a jewelry store. They had gone in and she kept going back to look at this broken heart pendant. This was a first date, and there was no way he was going to move that fast – or let her move that fast. Besides, he thought the idea was silly.

Yet years had passed and she never mentioned a word about it. He decided to go to a jeweler and have their names engraved on one side, and the other side would have an engraved image of them from the original pic. When the anniversary day came, he had it delivered to her workplace via messenger. Donna was overjoyed with the gift and told him that she had never mentioned wanting it because she saw the look on his face that first date and knew he thought it was silly. Sometimes uniqueness lies in silence.